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Microsoft releases AI toolkit as open source 0 by Bass by Bass
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Speech processing for Windows 8.1 with Grammars XML? 3 by rogersb77 by RLO
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Build Bartop with Windows 10 and Intel Stick !! 4 by Dovella by Dovella
Finally! An end to the Win10 upgrade nagging. 10 by Ray7 by cheong
Anyone knows how to export Edge Favorites back into simple IE fav files? 5 by magicalclick by egray
MS takes another bite at Windows App developer proceeds 5 by Ian2 by vesuvius
Windows 10 + 4K Monitor - Painful 14 by BitFlipper by TexasToast
End of support for IE8, 9, 10 10 by elmer by Proton2
BUILD 2016 Registration 4 by Ian2 by spivonious
Continuum - Minimum Specs 0 by Ian2 by Ian2
950XL Uber app died, m.uber failed, battery died 2 by RealBboy360 by RealBboy360
Surface tricks 0 by magicalclick by magicalclick
On the subject of Desktop Development 16 by sysrpl by vesuvius