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Photosynth.net/Preview 3 by magicalclick by magicalclick
Zune is no more. Xbox Music is no more. It is now Groove. 8 by magicalclick by SheldonS
Hub Control with dynamic BottomAppBar 0 by gvvsnrnaveen by gvvsnrnaveen
Project Genisys 3 by Ian2 by Ian2
Raymond Chan video/audio sync is horrible 0 by adrian.h by adrian.h
XboxOne is struggling in Europe. 6 by magicalclick by ZippyV
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Joe Duffy says: big year head, stay tuned [ 1 2 ] 21 by felix9 by Ion Todirel
new info around Midori team [ 1 2 3 4 ] 59 by felix9 by felix9
GB game patches. [ 1 2 ] 27 by magicalclick by magicalclick
This is outrageous. clippy related. 8 by magicalclick by magicalclick
Grrr. MSDN subscription downgraded from VS Ultimate to VS Professional - What will I lose? 17 by BitFlipper by TheUnhandledException
Windows Phone 10 is coming. 11 by magicalclick by Proton2
Copyright infringement in Windows Store 9 by cbae by Ian2