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    androidi said:
    matthews said:

    I was just looking at one particular list, good month for PC games I guess.

    But what if one day even cheap pc/laptop would have good enough graphics power to run visually compelling games such that people wouldn't feel need for better than that. Just hook your laptop, preferably wirelessly somehow, into a big screen and add couple controllers to standard usb port. What would be the purpose of having a console - if gaming on PC was made as easy as it could be, getting rid of installation steps and various hw/sw/drm issues that don't really *need* to come with PC gaming if the publishers would get their act together as I've pointed in previous post about PC gaming dying.

    Oh and don't you still need to insert DVD to play most console games? Resuming PC from sleep and clicking on icon on the desktop is actually less time and effort than gaming on console - atleast if everything works as it's supposed to.

    Honestly, I don't think PC gaming is dying, just moving to a different realm. It's come to be that the vast majority of people who play games on PCs are playing them online through flash or similar technologies. While what you suggest would be nice, and it does seem like consoles and PCs are approaching each other in terms of features (Sony even calls the PS3 a PC on occasions), I can think of two reasons why that won't happen:

    1) People like to have that consumer electronics feel. Navigating PC interfaces is more complicated than popping a DVD into a drive tray and hitting play for a movie, and the same goes for using a game console. With a DVD player or game console, you know the first unit ever released will play the last title ever released, and vice-versa; you just can't get that same guarantee on any PC.

    2) For the foreseeable future, consoles will offer better looking games for the price of the hardware. You can buy a 360 for $270 and run Call of Duty 4; there's no way a $270 PC could do the same. While it may seem like graphical capabilities will hit the wall eventually, I don't think that will happen for a very long time.

    Also most PC games still require the user to insert DVDs to play as a means of copy protection (unless you download a no-cd). And if installation steps were removed, as you say, you'd still have to put the DVD into the drive in order to play the game on PCs.