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    Excellent work guys.  C9 has become an awesome resource.  To me the ice breaker content is perfect (opposed to demo-hell at, but the deeper 'going deep' style needs a little more...  depth.  The content is always good, but it might not be what the community would really like to know.  In spirit of helping or targeting the community more, maybe its a good idea to open some form of dialog to the videos?

    There are a few possibly good options I see for that.  One way would be to put up a new form or method of seeing upcoming videos and with key topic points.  Through this, allow user feedback/questions before the video is recorded.  Another simply way may be quick follow up interviews to interesting questions submitted by users?  The third way is similar to the second, but instead of a followup interview, provide some answers through 'This Week on C9'.  Allowing this sort of participation in the content will greately improve C9.

    I'm not sure if this is the proper place for them but I thought I'd add this in.  Heres an idea for a show I'd like to see made:

    General mistakes and optimizations for .Net developers -- E.g. .Net/BCL features people often ignore but could be helpful?  .Net/BCL features commonly used incorrectly?  .Net/BCL usage mistakes causing slowness or circumvent compiler optimizations?  .Net/BCL optimization and tips not covered in best practices.