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So are you going to explain the colours?

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    HumanCompiler said:
    harumscarum said:
    If we hear that enough, we'll remove it.  We're just experimenting.
    REMOVE !!

    That color is horrible ... hurts my eyes ....

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    TommyCarlier said:
    HumanCompiler said:
    The idea is good, but the implementation can be improved. Instead of making the background of the entire post blue-ish, you could use a more subtle method, like adding the text (Original author) beneath the author's name, or adding a subtle colored border around the author's avatar.
    I agree, I like the idea (although I have no idea yet what I'd do with that info), the way it's presented is too much. I think even giving the post header a different colour would be too much. I think adding something under the avatar and username is a good idea.

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