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    Hi Channel 9 team,

    first of all I have to say a very big thank you! At least for me you are the primary reason why I applied for an internship at MS. It is really great to see all the faces behind the technologies. The interesting side effect is that most of the regular faces on Channel 9 are now like Hollywood stars for me. So since I was offered a position as an intern in DevDiv I feel like getting to Hollywood Smiley

    Soma mentioned in his C9 Birthday interview that you guys made over 2,000 videos in the last five years. Now I am curious about other stats as well:

    • What is total size of all videos available on C9 incl. all the different formats?
    • How many hours of videos did you record?
    • How many threads do exists?
    • How many users are on C9?
    • ...
    May be you could also publish some traffic information Smiley

    All the best to you and keep going! Smiley

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