Duncanma said:
figuerres said:

You remember correctly, that was the reason behind moving to Live ID, to avoid making your email the identifying factor for a new account on C9.

It is more about it being optional *and* making sure our host is cleared to handle that type of data. Using it for notifications, not login, makes it optional and our vendor (who also handles www.asp.net and others) already has experience dealing with this type of information.

Ahhh, ok.

Glad to know my memory chips are still working ok, so much stuff i have crammed in this grey box that i hope it does not leak Tongue Out

well anyway yeah lets get a way to know when a topic is hot/live etc....

funny to me how folks are with email i know for me it's one real address that i have had for ages, and not many others have one like it -- you know what i refer to Smiley