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View Thread: Is there any channel9 content media center integration available? (10 foot UI)
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    Chris Richner

    Duncanma said:
    Chris Richner said:

    I hadn't seen that YouTube feature before, very interesting idea. Assuming some dynamic changes, the same idea might make for a good touch screen UI as well

    yep, I really like my 7MC but I have to say that there aren't enough content providers for MC here in switzerland... for instance I'm willing to spend some money on a VOD service. There is no free service that is not tied to a service where you have to pay a montly fee and have to operate a set top box from the provider....


    is it so hard to provide a VOD service for "everybody" having a fast IP based connection?


    I'm also seeing the screenshots from the US media center where the "Sports" and the "Streaming TV" menu items are available... it's really a pain to start the 7MC with a country set to switzerland because nothing of this "cool stuff" is enabled for my country....


    I can see where the Idea of 7MC is going, but I can't see any provider in switzerland seeing the same ;(