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    Joiseystud said:
    Charles said:


    I understand that there was one video done as smooth streamed silverlight.  The rest of the videos on the site are still not smooth streamed including the new ones. I would have though that you guys would have started encoding all videos going forward with smooth streaming and then go back sloly but surely and re-encode all older videos. What is the plan for this going forward on the site?

    You guys have always been open with us so feel free to be open about these plans. This feature doesnt have to be developed like Win 7 underpromise/overdeliver.  I think most people on this site would rather be a part of the conversation.





    Actually we started encoding for smooth streaming while back, so there will be no need to re-encode "old videos" for smooth streaming.

    Video’s will be available as soon as the new player will be available to play them.

    See my previous message for a link. Hope this answers some of your questions.


    -p Tongue Out