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    dannyboy78 said:
    ZippyV said:

    I'm having the same problem as well, I have 24Mb connection but trying to watch anything on Channel9 has become impossible.  I'm currently downloading one of the videos at 45KBps Crying


    Is anyone else having trouble?

    I'm currently downloading a WMV video at 600-1000Kbps according to the statistics screen, but since the video is coded at 4000Kbps it hast to stop and buffer again ever few minutes. I'd love the option for Smooth Streaming, but I'd hate to give up the option for full screen on a second monitor. The Silverlight full screen doesn't work, since whenever you click on a second monitor it closes the full screen mode. It would be great to have something like the pop out player on Youtube, or even better have a link for Silverlight Full Browser mode. Youtube does this with a special URL format:



    That way you can control the exact size of the video.