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View Thread: Jason & Charles Future Interview Pair-Up
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    I've been refreshing my memory on the awesome Lang.NET subject videos and I saw some potential if Charles and Jason teamed up to interview a future victim on C9.  I say that because they had a good vibe in the Jason Olson: Composing Programming Languages, F# and OO video and both have really good angles on multiple different subjects.  Jason seems to be really current on modern development and is now more in the trenches, and Charles is the decorated C9 vet with really insightful questions and philosophy during the interview action.


    I'm just putting the idea out there but I'd really enjoy a future event of Charles and Jason to team up against some new blood on C9 to see how things turn out, hopefully others may also want to see this too.


    BTW hello C9 forum, this is my first forum post.