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Video streaming perf issues...

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    Not sure what has changed on 9 in the last month or so, but I used to be able to easily stream and watch vid's over my ADSL connection at with no trouble at all (initial buffering screen, and that was it).  Lately, however, this is not the case:  I'm able to watch about 2-3 minutes of video before the buffing screen returns and hangs around *much* longer than it used to.  I initially blamed by ISP, but so far this is the only site I've had trouble with streaming video.


    Any ideas?


    (Windows 7 Ultimate / FireFox 3.5.5 & IE 8)

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    You're not the only one. What I do is start the video, then pause it until enough data has been buffered.

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    Me too. I have a reliable 3 AT&T mbit DSL connection, but videos sometimes pause every 15 seconds to rebuffer. I have no problems with YouTube or Amazon Video on Demand.


    (Max OS X 10.6.2 / Safari 4)

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    Me three.  I haven't had the patience to watch Channel 9 since last year when the streaming issues started.  Even low res is slow to download.  15 minutes of video that takes 25 minutes to download.  This happens consistently with


      XP SP3, Silverlight or Media Player

      Win 7 Ultimate with or without Silverlight.


      There is a total of 293 MB for a 23.5 minute show.  Is this the right compression rate for WMV (low)?  I'd rather have reduced quality and instant play with no stalls or dropouts on a 1.5 MB DSL.


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