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    Hi C9,

    for some time I have another idea of improving this website Smiley.


    It's something like a watch list, where the user can manage his watched/"to be watched" videos.

    The watch list could not only show videos already watched, but also videos the user wants to watch in future.

    This idea came to my mind when I was clicking through the website and discovered A LOT of interesting videos.

    But they all can't be watched on one day and above all there is no chance to remember all them Smiley. So I wished that I could "store" them in a watch list where all videos that are interesting to me can be accessed and watched very fast without browsing the whole website.


    Well, I hope that this was a good idea to christmas Smiley.

    In this spirit, Merry Christmas C9 and all its users Smiley.



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    That's a good idea. Some kind of playlist of videos you want to watch when you have time. I currently store a small list in Evernote if I notice videos I want to watch, but currently don't have time. Because keeping this list and copying URLs is a bit clumsy, I don't use it often.

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    I like this idea. Will add it to the idea queue. Thank you!


    Merry Christmas!!

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