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    Hey folks, just for those that are interested, the idea is that we'll add a new concept to our URLs. Right now, you can use the URL to control what UI language you see. So will show UI in:

    1. the language specified in your profile, or (if you aren't logged in or haven't specified anything)
    2. the language sent in your browsers 'Accept Language' header, or (if that is missing or is a language we don't have)
    3. in en-us *or*
    4. You can override this behaviour by putting the language code into the URL like this 


    So for every request we end up with a 'UI language' value for that request. What I'm working to do is to add a 'ContentLanguages' value to every request that would be semi-independent of the UI language setting (because I suspect many people would like to see more than just their own native language). This value would be set by

    1. a list of languages specified in your profile, or
    2. a language code added to the URL you'd like to view (like this">, or
    3. en-us plus the language codes sent by your browser's accept-language header

    To do this right, we'd need to give you a method of picking different languages (like the language picker on an MSDN page) so that you can browse through what is available... and we don't have the UI figured out yet.