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View Thread: Part three of the Beckman and Meijer Series
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    JoshRoss said:
    RoyalSchrubber said:

    Maybe the third show will be errata show!  When they were writing it out did they say times or composed with?

    Erik and Brian have been very busy... I just interviewed Brian (it's a human piece, not technical, but Brian is awesome and his stories are wonderful - so, I think you'll like it) and we talk about when part 3 will happen.


    Sorry for the delay.


    In terms of the comments on C9 losing cred, I'm not sure I can agree. Yes, we have added more types of content, but I have been making technical stuff at the rate I always have. Further, we have other teams making technical content as well (see all the Rx videos, for example or the great work by the RiSE team (Peli is becoming quite the content creator) and the list goes on - Cloud Cover, Hanselman's pieces, Silverlight TV, etc). That said, I will make more GDs after MIX10. I have two E2Es in the pipeline (one on JavaScript research and another with the great Leslie Lamport). There is also a new Lecture series in the works, Advanced Concepts in Functional Programming with Haskell (we will have a guest lecturer for this series and you will be quite pleased with who it is...).


    Please continue to provide feedback about what you want more of. As always, if some content is not of interest to you, then you don't have to watch/listen/read it. Lots of people who are enjoying Ping, for example, probably don't watch Going Deep. That's fine. We are trying to expand what we deliver to suit the wants and needs of a diverse set of viewers. GD will not go away or be replaced by lighter fare. New deeply technical series will emerge (for example, stay tuned for my new series, Algorithm 9 (not sure what I'll call it, but love putting 9 next to words Smiley) and other deep tech content).


    Keep on posting,