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Use Channel 9 in Opera for two weeks

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    Ok, I know this is probably a touchy subject, and although I do like the Opera browser, I never liked the way they went to EU and yada yada yada, so my loyalty is not with them at all. However, for the life of me, I can't switch to any other browser because Opera is just exactly what I like ( eventhough I dislike the company )... anyway, it would be great if the devs of channel 9 ( all of them ) used Opera for two weeks with channel 9.


    You probably asking why? What is the problem?... well, that's the thing which is hard to explain. Use it for two weeks and you will know what I mean. ALL other websites work as they should for me but not channel 9, it's slooooooooooooooow like a glue. I click on something and it dies for many many seconds until it loads the page.


    I can see how this issue is not on priority but nevertheless, I needed this rant.



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    C9 is slow for me in every browser.

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    What's worse, the site refuses to use Silverlight in Opera, unless I use "mask as firefox". Honestly guys, do you actually expect someone who prefers Opera and roams in THIS site to be too dumb for his own safety?

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