Hii Mike,


 I am  a beginner in Silverlight & Prism. I saw this vedio and i learned some concepts. I ve ended up with few questions..

You have created many projects like "EmailEntities,EmailInterfaces,EmailService,MailListUI,MailReadingUI,MailSelectionUI,NewMailUI,



They are all related to UI  email functionalities. As a beginner, My questions are


1. What is presentation pattern you have used in this sample..

     Pls explain me what are all the Models , Views , Presenters stuff used in the solution.. ?

2. which class acts like a View , Model & Presenter ?

3.If at all i need to include Database stuff(reading messages from DB) , I assume i need to have 2 other projects namely domain layer, infrastructure layer. In this context,  should the Model communicates Or View communicates Or Presenter communicates with the domain layer ?


4. If i have domain & infrastructure layer, does it make sense to maintain the "PresentationUtility" project inside the infrastructure layer..?


These are my fundamental questions awaiting your esteemed reply.