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Add Replay Speed Control

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    I'm currently listening to a very interesting, but very slow presentation. I'd love the ability to replay the video at 1.25x - 1.5x speed, like on PluralSight.

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    If you download the video to your PC, you can do this using Windows Media Player.

    (But it would be nice to be able to control playback speed while streaming to avoid having to wait for the download to finish before you can start watching.)

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    The HTML5 player allows you to do just this natively.  Right click > Play Speed from 0.5x to 8.0x.


    Note that we just let the browser show it's own <video> player and each has its own features, the above definitely works in IE though. 

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    @MarkDeFalco:But on my computer the HTML 5 player can't handle Audio from Channel 9.  IE 11.  Worked in IE 10, works in Chrome.

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