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Adjustable Video Playback Speed, Time Index, and Site Sub Area Search Box

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    1. It would be extremely useful to be able to adjust the playback speed (without affecting the tone of the speakers voice -- see pluralsight). Presently, watching this stuff is expensive in terms of time and boring as heck.
    2. It would be useful to have a time index into video content such that a lot of the fluff, otherwise essential for first time viewing with a cup of coffee and a lot of time, can be can be skipped.
    3. While a search for the entire site is useful, a search for each particular sub area is also needed (as a separate search box on those pages). In particular, with over 50 pages, I don't know whether these suggested have already been made and responded to.


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    @G2: 1.) you could always download the videos and play them with VLC player which as a speed adjustment. But that's not a bad feature to have in the embedded playback as well. I'll let the dev team know.

    2.) We already have this feature. If you click on the timecode stamps it'll skip to that topic in the video. example here: It is just up to the contributor to create them.

    3.) Do you mean have a search box for each show/series/blog/tags page? Because you can already do that: Generic Forum Image


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