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Any way to improve resolution on streaming?

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    I can't make out the slides or what's going on in the PowerShell windows during the demos.

    I just tried to attach sample images, but it marked it as spam and rejected my post.  I can provide them if desired.

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    everything that has been streamed will available as a recording within 24 hours. the recorded files will generally play back at a higher quality. You can use the format controls to select the stream type that works best for your setup. Once the recordings are posted, you can also download a high quality copy. 

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    Yes but currently I tried all possible formats. They all look awfully bad. Please try and see it yourself.

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    Same here, the quality was no good for eg. Mark Russinovich's tech ed stuff where process monitor is shown (I'm talking about recordings though, not streaming). It was so across all the video links and devices in a shop I played around with.

    I tried disabling flash from Manage Addons and updating Silverlight and now I get this (IE8 w7):

    Click to play video

    Why can't I play this video on the page?


    We have an HTML5 version but your browser doesn't seem to support it.
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    We have a Silverlight version but your browser doesn't have the right plugin or it might be disabled.
    Want to Install the Silverlight 5 plugin?


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