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[BUG] Silverlight video player: Seeking

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    When seeking to a different position in the video, the timer gets stuck. I.e. when you want to skip some intro, you can seek to 1:30 by dragging the slider. When you let go, the video will play, but the timer will stay at 1:30.

    A work-around is to reload the page, and the silverlight application player will remember the position. Now when playing, the timer will work.

    (You should get a proper bug-tracker. It must be cumbersome to manage feedback in a forum. For the users it is also difficult to know if what they want to say hasn't already been said.)

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    +1     --- time slider hangs after manual seeking.

    yep... and here is no dedicated "+1", which would mean "it beats me too"

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    Hey guys,

    I reported a bug for the dev team to look into this.



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