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Bring back the "Show Us Your Home" series

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    I was a huge fan of on10 and I see things have changed but I was hoping that the "Show Us Your Home" series could come back here on Ch9 please. The last episode was in 2008 but I enjoyed seeing how their homes also implemented the same products they were working on within the company. It was interesting seeing how these guys had their homes set up and hearing how they got to the point where they COULD get their homes like that.

    I would like to see more of these episodes in the future since technology is changing so much it would be cool to see what has changed and what new stuff different people have set up in their homes. I'm a college student so I hope to have some nice things going on in my house also.

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    Take a look at the series has evolved, but I think you will enjoy it.

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    That's interesting.  Thanks for the update I really enjoy these but I hope they return back inside the homes.. 

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