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View Thread: Cannot dl video, it always slows down and interrupts
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    I thought this was only happening to me.

    I saw this link topic which had 4 replies and I thought to my self that they must be from other people not being able to download videos from channel 9.

    Referencing the above regarding tracert and downloading large video files from other sites.

    I (have successfully and) can download large files from any other sites that I've tried to do so, that includes video files.

    For the past year I have not been able to successfully download or view a complete video from channel 9. When I realize that the content I'm after is channel 9 I cringe!

    Below is the results of running the tracert command from above:

    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

      1    33 ms    33 ms    33 ms
      2    31 ms    31 ms    33 ms []
      3    43 ms    41 ms    42 ms  POS5-0.GW1.NYC9.ALTER.NET []
      4    43 ms    41 ms    42 ms []
      5    43 ms    43 ms    43 ms []
      6    43 ms    41 ms    43 ms  TenGigE0-5-1-0.GW8.NYC4.ALTER.NET []
      7    44 ms    41 ms    41 ms []
      8    44 ms    43 ms    42 ms []
      9    44 ms    43 ms    43 ms []
     10    44 ms    44 ms    44 ms []

    Trace complete.

    The results show that it can make it to channel 9, but it doesn't include a return route.

    My question is why do the videos start downloading (and I've gotten as far as 40%) before throttling down 1kps and ultimately the download gets interrupted (terminated).

    Trying to watch the videos online instead of dowloading results in a a choppy and time consuming exercise that can last for hours without completion.

    I don't really have the time to diagnose why I can't get the content from channel 9, although many of the microsoft resources links direct me here. So I usually resign myself to finding it somewhere else if possible.

    I feel there is alot that I'm missing out on and would like to have UX with channel 9 that is at minimum tollerable. Currently, I have been trying to download a 14+ min video (109 MB) for the past 30+ mins, it has been interrupted twice and now it's at 4% indicating that it has 30 min 50 sec remaining. Update now it 31 min 10 sec remaining.