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Cannot unmute any Channel9 webpage videos

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    Win7 Ultimate, current on Windows Updates.

    WMP/Quicktime/YouTube playback all work fine. Downloading the WMV of any video plays back fine. All combinations work with either speakers or my LifeChat headphones fine.

    It is only the page-embedded Channel9 video playback that I have found a problem with (any Channel9 video). It starts off muted on its own and stays muted regardless of choosing Unmute from the menus.

    I would appreciate insight or suggestions to try.

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    I installed Silverlight 5 after uninstalling Sliverlight 4 (and the SDK).

    Now I get a Progressive mode with audio that works (using the Sliverlight 5 control I presume), but the HTML5 mode still looks and acts the same as before; video is fine but it starts off muted and cannot be changed.

    Better than nothing.

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    @redgiant: what browser are you using? I don't believe we have any control over the volume setting of the html 5 player...

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