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View Thread: Cannot watch video on Microsoft Surface RT!!!
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    It is possible that the white list for flash is not updated on my surface. when I try to go to the live stream, it offers a link to watch the "WMV version" but doesn't say anything else about flash on that page. If you click the link for the WMV version, then it basically can't open it on the Surface. 

    As second issue that I posted.. I have downloaded several MP4 files from yesterday and they seem to crash the player after the first few seconds. If I try to watch the embedded version from yesterday, I get the same thing.. Starts to play and then crashes.. I realize this is probably nothing to do with the content, but maybe something to do with the player itself. Just odd that THIS content crashes the player vs other content I have tried and works. 

    Thanks, I'll try the suggestion above to see if it works.

    PS. I still want silverlight! Smiley