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View Thread: Cannot watch video on Microsoft Surface RT!!!
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    They never really fixed this issue.  Every time RT updates, practically every website that runs adobe flash player wont play anymore.  I'm talking some real obscure ones like yahoo and YouTube.  The best part is that there is like zero apps available in the windows store to do anything.  And if you ask tech questions, you get answers like the apologist above, who tell you that 1) they've thought of everything and you don't really understand your tablet, and 2)Microsoft is great and they already thought of that and it works great!!!   Like for example that I bought this tablet primarily to stream videos to my TV.  But ev en after buying the output cab le, it literally almost never plays, it constantly interrupts, exporting it to the TV is impossible since the only time you can adjust the settings is when it's connected, and when it's connected you can't adjust the settings.  Stuff like that.  Then you ask questions in tech support, there;s a hundred other guys asking the same question, and the response is, you guessed it :  1)There;s no problem like that, the new surface plays videos flawlessly, we thought of everything, and 2)you should get the new xbox one, it changes the game for the living room.  Windows 8 is kind of controversial, windows RT is not.  It is a joke, which would be less of a joke if there were actual apps in the store, but there aren't any because everyone hates RT so much that no one is developing for it.  Good luck with your problems, I'm sure the Microsoft guys will tell you that the system is idiot proof, they thought of everything and btw, it works great.