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Channel 9 & DNLA

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    It would be good to be able to use DNLA direct from either the web browser (not sure if this is possible) or from a dedicated Windows 8 App.

    No excuses now.

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    DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) seeks for more convenience, choices and enjoyment of your digital content through DLNA Certified ® devices

    Had to look that one up. How does it work? Cloud?

    Is it the happy land where I can jit music from an iPhone to a Window phone? (so I can destroy the old iPhone 3).

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    @Ian2: I don't think we need to do anything if it is available in the browser... if IE10 supports it, we should work with it when doing HTML 5 video.

    We already had it implemented in the Windows 8 application for Channel 9, but sadly that app isn't in the store *at the moment* ... it will be again!

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    @Ian2: By the way, we may need to start some more wider testing of our Windows 8 app... so perhaps some Niners would be interested?

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    @Duncanma: sure

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