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Channel 9——A nice Video channel for developers,users……

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    Microsoft has many websites such as MSDN and channel 9……,ect;But in my mind to offer customers good service and performances I think Microsoft maybe adjusts the two forums:

    1)MSDN——A Forum that is focusing on programming languages such as C#,,……with offical documents and nice MVP's blogs. But don't put videos on that;this will make it more professional to chat in words. For videos,Microsoft can offer more links of Channel 9。

    2)Channel 9——A forum that pays attention to Video, this can include the latest versions of products' advertisements, as well as Developing training, Windows new features……Maybe we should file them away in good orders, categories……

    3) Possible,please translate the video into several languages such as Chinese, Russian, Spanish……

    Thanks and Reguards!

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    thanks for filing those forums information your having.. now my mind is well organised Smiley

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