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    Lars Kemmann

    Hi there,

    I'm sure someone else must have brought this up before, but it's worth mentioning again.

    When you have videos for conference sessions, the video pages are (thank you!) available with details ahead of time.  But that's the souce for a flurry of "The video is broken/when will the video be available?" comments.

    You could resolve that by associating a "status" with each video page in your database.  Something like:

    • PlannedSession
    • Live/Recording
    • InPostProduction
    • Available (at this point the video is simply displayed without any message)

    Optionally, you could have an "AvailableETA" date/time that could be shown if you have a rough idea of when a particular video will be available (and you could go overboard by auto-updating that from your post-production pipeline).

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    @Lars Kemmann:Thanks Lars, we've been going through a similar thought process ourselves and plan to add a status very similar to what you describe Smiley

    We can't do the ETA accurately, since it is dependent on too many factors (network bandwidth at the event location, backlog of editing/conversion, etc.) ... basically by the time we'd know an ETA it would be moments from making it available. We will see what we can do though.

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    Lars Kemmann

    @Duncanma: Great!  As long as people can see the difference between "event has not happened yet" versus "event is/has happened & editing is in process", I think that will help a lot.

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    Lars Kemmann

    @Duncanma:Will we get to see this in time for BUILD 2012?

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