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    In the PDC 2010 you cannot download and of the slides for pdc 2010

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    Can you give us an example of a session w/slides in PDC 2010 that isn't working? I looked at a few randomly but don't see any w/slides.

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    @Cara9: they are right, the slides links were all broken so I removed them. Better no links than broken ones... we are trying to find the appropriate slides though.

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    I tried to download the slides to this presentation:

    But I get the error "Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)". Is there a way I could download them somehow? I would need them for my bachelor thesis.

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    All of the slides were in but now this site will always redirect to channel9. When the links will be available?

    I believe all the links don't work since June 2011. Please fix this, I still need some presentations.

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    Are there any updates on this problems? Duncan, are there any problems?

    It's been a month without any news at all... Sad

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    We are aware of the problem with the PDC 10 videos and we are trying to find a way to get working videos online . Sorry for the delay everyone!

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