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View Thread: Delay In Loading Smooth Streaming Player
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    I've noticed that when I click on the play button, there is a lag between loading the 2 (?) video players. In short, this is what I get:

    1. Click on big play button in the middle of the video
    2. Wait for the spinning Silverlight thingy to reach 100%.
    3. If impatient, then mash the little play button until something starts playing. This seems to trigger the non-Smooth Streaming playback.
    4. Else, wait an unknown # of seconds/minutes until the Smooth Streaming playback starts.

    Is there any way to go straight to Smooth Streaming instead of showing the intermediate video player that takes the viewer away from Smooth Streaming?

    For the longest time, I thought C9 had abandoned Smooth Streaming because every time I tried to watch a video, I'd end up mashing the play button in frustration and then waiting for interminable "buffering..."

    I'm happy that I found out how to get Smooth Streaming back but unhappy that there's the unknown wait in step #4.

    -Slow-ish DSL home connection
    -Location: Southern California