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Editing user profile error

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    I recive an error message stating "Twitter username contains invalid characters"

    My twitter handle is @fredriknilsson_ and isn't valid. You might need to check the filter on that textbox.


    Fredrik Nilsson

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    I will check it out, thanks for letting us know!

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    @FredrikNilsson: I tried your twitter handle in dev and it works for me. If I put a space before or after, it fails though such as "fredriknilsson_ " or " fredriknilsson_". Can you verify that there are no extra spaces when you are putting in in?

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    @Cara9: I went a bit farther and tried it on his profile here in production, and it worked fine.


    @FredrikNilsson: could you have been putting in the @ symbol? We should handle that, it would make a lot of sense for people to put that into that field.

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