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Further Improve Tutorial Quality

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    First let me start by saying that i am extremely thankful for Bob's awesome lessons!  I've yet to find better video tutorials for programming anywhere! 

    However I have noticed that all Bob Tabor's amazing tutorial series are focusing a lot on handling text. While indeed this is very useful and easy for beginners like me to grasp, today's mobile apps are more multimedia oriented. 

    So calling a video or playing sound during a transition or other event, or swapping images, using textured buttons with alpha mask, using an API etc. is quite common. Very useful even for beginners. There is barely coverage on how to handle these cases apart from just adding an image in a form as a background or a simple visual element. 

    It would add even more value to enrich these lessons with the use of multimedia.

    i.e. for every If statement with a text, also have something happening to an image or call a sound or video.

    Preferably in Windows Phone 8. 


    Thank you! 

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