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Going Native Downloads Only Partially Happen

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    I am trying to download some of the GoingNative 2013 videos and regardless of format the download progresses quickly (~10MB/s) until about the 1/3 mark and stops dead.  I have tried many different videos from GoingNative 2013 and they all behave this way for each format and on Firefox/Chrome/IE.

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    @benwitman: I cannot repro this issue. I have successfully downloaded 5 videos in IE and Chrome. Are you behind a corporate firewall? Do you have this issue with other Channel 9 videos?

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    Yes I am behind a firewall most likely.  What can I do to diagnose the issue better?

    I have found that I can get the whole video downloaded if I keep pausing and resuming the download in IE (if this helps indicate the problem).

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