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Improving the silverlight video player with keyboard shortcuts on Channel 9

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    It would be very useful, if there would be keyboard shortcuts for the silverlight video player for the followings:

    - Pause/continue. SPACE sometimes works, sometimes not (why?  Devil )

    - Jump back and forward in time 5-10 seconds: we, non english audience, sometimes want to jump back to repeat what had been played and jumping short distances on the seekbar is very hard.

    If you already have these, let me know!  Smiley

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    When a Silverlight plug-in is displayed in full-screen mode, keyboard events are prevented from being passed to keyboard event handlers in the application. The only valid keyboard input that is acted upon is the set of keystrokes that return the Silverlight plug-in to embedded mode. This limitation of keyboard input during full-screen mode is a security feature, and is intended to minimize the possibility of unintended information being entered by a user.

    Source: MSDN: Silverlight Full-Screen Support

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    So many things come into mind...

    - damn it's just a keypress.  Expressionless

    - so it's a valid scenario that a user types in characters thinking it's going into the app while the plugin is actually blocking the entire sreen in fullscreen? Expressionless Just how dumb the user is judged here...

    - technology should enhance us, not holding back, security should be transparent, and other wise things....

    - damn it's just a keypress.  Expressionless

    - does it mean that no Silverlight app can actually handle keystrokes in fullscreen mode?

    - okay, no keypress (*cough* in 2012) so how about adding buttons to the player to click...

    - damn it's just a keypress.  Expressionless

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