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    Hey gerdi, the issue with doing advanced classes is the topics start spreading out like a tree.  It is hard to say what topics we should cover since there are a TON of topics we could over.  Doing an intro series on CS is pretty straight forward, past that the water gets murky on what to cover next.

    Ultimately, what topics would you like to see covered? Also there are a lot of good tutorials out there on the internet. 

    My best bit of advice is to figure out a project you want to do and start working on it.  I know doing projects for myself made me into a much better programmer for multiple reasons. 

    • I did projects that I wanted to be awesome.  This meant everything worked and wasn't hacked together. 
    • The projects I did challenged myself into having to do research.  Now you can throw me at something totally new and chances are, I can get up and going pretty quick by poking around.
    • It is more enjoyable.  You build something you want.
    • Getting your hands dirty.  The more you see how others do stuff and making mistakes, the better you get at being a better programmer.  It is like riding a bike or driving a car, the more you do it...