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Link multiple logins to a Channel9 account

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    Lars Kemmann

    Dear C9,

    It would be really (really) useful to be able to link multiple logins to a Channel9 account. For example, I don't think I'm the only one who has two separate Microsoft Accounts - one personal account & one for work. That means I'm often logged into whichever one I don't happen to have a Channel9 account with - and it's oh-so-frustrating to have to start a private browsing session, log out of whatever I appear to still be logged in to, log in, etc. just to comment - and then have to do it all again a few hours/days later.

    So, if you could implement multiple logins being tied to the same C9 account, I for one would be a very grateful Niner. :)



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    I believe that is technically possible, but we don't have any UI flow for it. In the database, the table is basically:

    user id, auth method (live id, username/pass, API key), token

    so mapping two tokens to one user is just inserting a row. Need to check primary key though, might be userid + method

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