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Live ID vs "Classic" login

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    No one gives a flying frell about me... just one little user in the cyberspace... but I tell you one thing... the second the "classic" login dies... I'm out of here for good.

    Not because the Live ID is hard to get or a hassle... but because that is connected to a ton of other CRAP I don't give a flying frell about and don't want.

    I just wanted teh forums... not damnation to hell.

    I'm sure you get my point. 

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    Any particular reason you bring this up? We might have hoped people would switch on their own over time, just because we'd like everyone on one system, but we no longer have that goal. In fact, we are considering adding more login methods over time.

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    @Duncanma: Don't worry, he is already out of here for good. He said so himself in the CoffeeHouse

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