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'Mark as Troll' button

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    Could we have a 'mark as troll' button? To indicate this is not spam but a person who is just trolling?


    Don't delete or block the account, but place an image of a troll in the bottom right corner (like you do for C9 and microsoft). The only way to get the image gone is to improve the rate of decent replies compaired to trolled replays.

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    Lol.. that's an awesome idea Smiley

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    Wouldn't the troll themselves voteing all the time?

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    @magicalclick: They would mark everybody else as troll too? That might be a problem, but don't spambots mark others as spam to?


    I guess one person (the troll) could never outstand the 100 votes from other people on his post. It's finding the right ballance to how many different people mark you as a troll before you get seen as one.


    @Cara9: Thanks! I know it sounds funny but I think it would help, especcially for new people on the forum not knowing the public here.

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    Mr Crash

    It's a terrible idea because many people doesn't know the correct definition of the word troll. I've even seen that at least one person in the c9 team that doesn't know the correct definition of the word. Charles I'm looking at you! Not to mention, how people will misuse it because they just disagree or dislike a person for what ever reason. And what about the a-hole factor ?

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