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My Queue RSS feed of a specific format?

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    Yakko Warner

    Is there any way to get an RSS feed of my queued videos in a particular format (like, mid-quality WMV)?

    I have an issue with my Zune software where it doesn't want to sync larger video files with my WP7 without saying my phone has "stopped responding" (which is a completely separate issue that I should look into and get solved some day -- neither rebooting the phone nor rebooting the computer helps), and as a workaround I want to just have Zune subscribe to and download the smaller files.  Or maybe I should just subscribe to the audio versions, since WP7 refuses to let me use my bluetooth headphones for watching videos (but I'm not bitter or anything).

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    @Yakko Warner: Duncan answers this question on the thread here:

    let me know if that helps!



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    Yakko Warner

    @golnazal: I didn't see that before.  Yes, that's perfect.  Thanks!

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