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Notifications tab under Profile

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    Where do we tag things for notification that coorelate with the Notifications tab under our profile?

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    Looks like we have to setup an email first. I'm waiting on the promised "verification message. This message, which will have come from".

    I imagine the feature will be revealed after verification...  EDIT: which is taking much toooo long... email from ch9notif seems broken.

    EDIT 2: 2 hours have passed and no verification email from ch9notif... broken.

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    Seems to be in testing still. Some placeholder text on the verification page.

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    @spivonious: Hey folks... our bad, this feature is still in testing/development and we left a bit of it exposed instead of hidden. We will be needing beta testers at some point in the future though, so perhaps we can chat with you then!

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