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Problems with quicks edits after new thread

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    My usual course of action is to use the editor to edit my posts. Eg. I make a new thread then within 1-5 minutes make many edits.

    I found that there is currently a problem with this (it was working decently previously, but I can't recall when I last edited intensely here).

    symptoms: I posted a new thread, then tried to edit and the edit box shows message contents as either :

    1) as html code (without pressing edit as html)

    2) or if I did several edits in one minute, it displayed some old contents (second last edit or "previous to previous"), so if I had saved again there would have been data loss.

    The both problems occurred at the time I tried to edit:

    So look at the time stamps of when I clicked edit on that the first 2-3 times today.20130321 04:20 EST approx.

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    One possible idea in addition to fixing the underlying problem (for the instant posting) is to have an user configurable delay of the public posting of the message, such that since I use the editor to edit my messages rather than to edit them first in Word and then copy paste here, the site could delay the actual public posting of the message by the configurable amount.

    Very simple logic: If x time (15-60 min) has passed since the first "submit" of a new thread/reply, then make the it public. Also don't publish the edits until after 1 minutes, so I can go and edit the edit (typo fix for example). So If I kept editing the message and submitting edits every 59 seconds, it would never publish the thread/reply until I stopped doing that.

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    Now getting "something went wrong" while editing the most recent thread I made.

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    @androidi: I'd like to try to repro this - what browser are you using?

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