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View Thread: Problems with quicks edits after new thread
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    My usual course of action is to use the editor to edit my posts. Eg. I make a new thread then within 1-5 minutes make many edits.

    I found that there is currently a problem with this (it was working decently previously, but I can't recall when I last edited intensely here).

    symptoms: I posted a new thread, then tried to edit and the edit box shows message contents as either :

    1) as html code (without pressing edit as html)

    2) or if I did several edits in one minute, it displayed some old contents (second last edit or "previous to previous"), so if I had saved again there would have been data loss.

    The both problems occurred at the time I tried to edit:

    So look at the time stamps of when I clicked edit on that the first 2-3 times today.20130321 04:20 EST approx.