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Queue management is painfully slow

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    I always use my queue to put some videos there and watch them later. So my queue is typically has 10 to 50 items (50 after latest TechEd 13).

    But every action on queue page even just displaying it is soooo slow. Never faster than 15 seconds and typically 25 seconds for me. Come on! if not the valuable videos here I won't be ever going t such a slow web site. For real.

    Is it like his for everybody or site cannot handle queues that are actually used? Smiley

    I use Metro IE10 on Surface RT and 50Mb/s DL Internet so internet is not a problem.

    I don't even talk about action and sort pull downs not working under Metro IE10 and super-tiny icons of play and delete that are hard to press on touch screen. Smiley

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    This is great feedback, I will certainly check this out and see what improvements I can make to the queue. Thank you for providing all of the detail too, that helps a lot when trying to repro!

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