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Quotes within quotes

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    This is a quote.


    This is a quote within a quote.

    More of the original quote.


    As you can see, it doesn't work.

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    Yep, seems to be a problem. 

    I have found a potential flaw in my boss, Duncan's code and have made him aware of it. 

    He will be looking into it Smiley

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    Thanks Smiley

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    @GoddersUK: a flaw is a bit of an exaggeration.. we just don't handle quotes within quotes, in fact I believe we explicitly strip them out when quoting in the UI.

    At the moment, the process to convert from the [ ] (bbcode style) tags to HTML is regex based, so we are really just looking for text between a starting and ending quote ... to handle nested tags, we'd have to move to parsing the text which isn't the simplest process. I have it on my plate though so we'll see if I end up getting it done

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    , Duncanma wrote

    in fact I believe we explicitly strip them out when quoting in the UI.

    tbh that's fair enough mostly, Posts could get very long otherwise. It just comes in handy occasionally, although we can live without it Smiley

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