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View Thread: Silverlight Player Crashes in Firefox
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    I still have this issue in FF 3.6.12 on this video:

    It's a very annoying and quite a drastic bug, since it kills all open firefox tabs stone dead (e..g the bug report you're tying into channel 9 forums...), not just the msdn page. The workaround from Adam777 of clicking the popup in another browser works as follows:

    * Launch IE (or other browser I suppose, I haven't tried)
    * Navigate to the video in this browser
    * Start the video, request fullscreen
    * On the confirmation popup, check "remember my answer" and then click the "Yes" button.
    * Restart firefox
    * Navigate to the video in firefox
    * Firefox will now fullscreen the video without using the dialog of doom.

    You can then recreate the bug again by de-remembering the answer: right-clicking the silverlight video, selecting the "silverlight" menu item to bring up the "Microsoft Silverlight Configuration" dialog, go to the Permissions" tab, and remove the permission for " | Stay Full-screen when unfocussed"

    The dialog of doom will return.

    Perhaps people who cannot replicate this problem could try this?