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So just where the hell I supposed to find My Schedule...?

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    I mean coming from the world of websites built by sane people, for sane people I would think I must find it under Profile after all (never mind that any design 101 guideline book tells you to make it available right from where you are adding events to it - that would be way too logical for anything MSFT)...

    ...but no, it's not even there. I don't know why but it isn't. Seriously, from the first minute this site design already strikes me as a classic MSFT-originated junk (= designed by incompetent idiots in their bubble hence this lousy-stupid-useless, space-wasting, ugly layout) but this was my safest bet, that I can find my stuff under Profile somewhere, or at least linked there...

    ...but alas, it isn't.

    So just where TF is it?


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    @szlevi:If you are looking for your schedule for TechEd North America (I assume, since that event is going on now, but please correct me if I'm incorrect in that assumption), then you can find it under the event while signed in:

    Are you a registered attendee of the event?  If so, you should see a shortcut bar just underneath the main navigation that is available on all pages of the site and allows you to take a glance at your next five sessions without navigating away from your current page.

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