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    @giangreco: @Deafie: Thanks for your feedback, it really helps us to know what our user's priorities are. I can't give an absolute timeframe for when this will be ready to go but we are progressing on it. I'm not sure if you noticed but we upgraded our player recently to the newest framework of the SMF player which has better support for captions. Technically, the Silverlight player now supports captions but there are a few things left to do - 1. We need to add the support to the backend for our content teams to be able to associate a caption file. 2. We need to get the process going so that we are creating caption files for our videos going forward. 3. We need to update our html5 player to support captions as well. Hopefully it helps you to know that we are working on it, there are just a lot of little details to take care of to actually get it running.