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Suggestion for channel9 about properties in uploaded VIDEOS ;)

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    Hello, I have a kind suggestion for you.

    If you had a way of changing the names of the files before uploading, to include the name of the title before the subtitle topic at the beginning of the files and add media detailed properties to every video you upload, you'd be helping another windows product to perform better from user perspective, in this case, the windows media player, that has a very poor indexing interface for video even when its great at organizing music libraries.

    I know  I can choose to save the videos on specific folders and create its own playlist, and I do, but that takes time, and we-the-users are very thankful for every minute that Microsoft helps us save.

    It would also be great if you could reset the encoding and compression just a tinny bit more so all videos of one series fit one DVD, so I can store it for later reference just in case I need to. I think this would save you bandwidth without reducing your traffic in a meaningful way.

    It is just a suggestion.

    The series on fundamentals are awesome by the way, @BobTabor is a great teacher/guide.

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    Can you give me an example of how you would like a video file name? pick a show or series and show me the original filename and what you would prefer it to be. Everyone has the option of choosing what kind of filename they want their video to be (we can't control every contributor) but we can control what content is produced by Channel 9 team members. For shows like TWC9 and Defrag we usually put the name of the show and the date since the shows are weekly and ongoing with no end date. For the Bob Tabor series we abbreviate the language (VB,CS,JS)and then the topic discussed in the video. Let me know how else you would preder file naming and i can try to incorporate it more.


    as for encoding and compression. we compress the videos as small as we can without the quality of the video having too many artifacts. we have 35 min (video + screencap) as small as 200mb, which is pretty good.



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    @golnazal: Thank you for answering, sorry I didn't notice, but I had to create a new email account because hotmail's function to change username is not working and there has been an open ticket for months now, I got a win8 license and couldn't wait much longer to install, so, my patience ran out and voilĂ , I made a new email in the new @outlook domain, anyways, maybe such a long explanation wasn't needed...

    Well, in response of your message, I double checked and, the videos' file name do not have the JS/C#/etc abbreviation, they do have a number, which is good, and after that, the name of the topic, but, if they had the abbreviation before the number it would be better, because the media player would be able to organize them in a orderly manner.

    I understand you give authors a lot of liberty to choose video format, but, most containers allow you to input metadata, some editing programs do this automatically and most of the time, authors don't pay enough attention to that, so, my suggestion is that when channel9 personnel receive videos, they may check if the files contain the right metadata on its properties, and if they don't, they can change it, it is very easy, the videos would distribute with the right data from the source file which would be stored in your servers and users would notice the difference, that I can bet on.

    The video compression and quality is phenomenal, I don't mean to criticize it, if I want them to fit in a DVD I'll use a double layered one from now on.

    They say the devil is in the details, and this are just a bunch o them, in general, your page and services are amazing, keep up the outstanding work !

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