I wasn't sure where to put this thread, sorry if its in the wrong place.

WinDBG tutorial video series from beginner to advanced

The STL series are very informative ( i wish there was more series like this on c9, c++0x goodness mmm )

So i thought i'd give you a suggestion.

WinDBG have a steep learning curve so a video series might ease the curveand get more people into using it.

The series should be about how to and how not to use it, why it was designed the way it was (windbg history), debugging 32 bit programs on a 64 bit machine, show what windbg can do and can not do, future plans for windbg.... etc..

( please no managed C# sales pitches, c9 got more then enough of them already Crying  )

It should be about debugging not force feeding of sales pitches.

So what do you think ?